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When you need dedicated and prompt service to get your vehicle back in pristine condition, contact us here at Harrison Frame & Axle in Hamilton County, OH. Whether the entire frame of your vehicle was damaged in an accident or your axle needs replaced, we are the company to call.

The moment you schedule a service with us we are committed to providing honest and reliable work to each and every customer. We know the hassles that come with having your vehicle in the shop, that’s why we work quickly to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible. Our simple mission since we started has been to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible and driving like it did the day you took it off the lot.  

mechanic inspecting underside of a car in shop

You Bend ‘Em, We Mend ‘Em

We serve the Cincinnati Metro area and specialize in frame and axle service and repair, as well as wheel alignments and balancing. If you have noticed your vehicle pulling to one side or that your ride is a little off balanced, this can be due to running over a curb or driving through a deep pothole. If you keep driving your vehicle in this condition you might experience uneven wear on the tires and cause even more damage. We will perform wheel alignments for you and balance your tires to make sure your ride is smooth the next time you get behind the wheel.

Our expert technicians will keep your car or truck running like new by fixing it right the first time and doing it for the best possible price.

Call to schedule a time to bring your vehicle in or to find out more about our services and great rates!


We hire only certified mechanics who are skilled in everything from simple repairs to complex issues. They are always accurate and dependable when handling the needs of your vehicle. 

Honest & fair

We will explain the work that needs done and give you a firm estimate before conducting any repairs. We keep our prices fair so that they can fit right in your budget. 

Frames & axles

Our technicians are experts at servicing and repairing axles and frames on all types of vehicles. Bring your vehicle in to learn about how their skills will completely fix your problems.